Dora 3D

Bedtime Stories


Intro animation done for
Hooked on Baby

Short piece created by Witold Giersz
and Funline Animation

Short piece created by Helena Giersz
and Funline Animation

Animation from Witold Giersz

The Easter Egg Escapade - feature length animated film.

PBS/Eyepop - "Clickity Clack"
Quicktime Movie

Disney Holiday Greetings

POP/Nick Jr. - "Dora The Explorer - Dora's Birthday Party"

Dora The Explorer - commercial for Mervyn's
Quicktime Movie


Dora The Explorer - Backpack Sweepstakes commercial
Quicktime Movie

Pfizer - Flash animation for interactive display

Nick Jr. - "Dora The Explorer"
Character Design
Background Design
Games from show
Quicktime Movie from Pilot
Website and games

T.J. and Friends

Noodle Magazine

Scholastic - "Clifford the Big Red Dog"
Reading Adventures CDrom
Thinking Adventures CDrom
Quicktime Movie - intro to reading adventures

Nickelodeon ID
Id 1 - globe

Nickelodeon ID
Id 2 - ducks

Nickelodeon ID
Id 3 - monsters

Nickelodeon ID
Id 4 - horses

Nickelodeon ID
Id 5 - cave

Noggin interstitial
Quicktime Movie

Little Curious
"Way down at the bottom of the sea"
Quicktime Movie

Native American Museum
Quicktime Movie

Nickelodeon - African American Inventors

Nickelodeon - Wake up with Nick